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The bigaycaya was displayed months before relationships, observed because of the nearest and dearest, friends and you can members of the city

Ancient Filipino Matrimony Society

Gladys Pinky D. Tolete composed: “In early moments, Tagalog brides and you may grooms originated an identical public category. Before relationship, the brand new bridegroom was obliged supply merchandise so you're able to his future for the-laws this might be in your community referred to as bigaycaya. Just what constitutes the fresh new bigaycaya undergone dealings. In case your for the-guidelines asked for more that which was common, they may have been required to provide the married couples gifts such as for instance slaves, silver trinkets, otherwise an item of belongings. It is called the pasanor. In addition to the bigaycaya, this new groom plus paid the fresh new bride's mommy when planning on taking proper care of their dear - this was the new pasuso.

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