The bigaycaya was displayed months before relationships, observed because of the nearest and dearest, friends and you can members of the city

The bigaycaya was displayed months before relationships, observed because of the nearest and dearest, friends and you can members of the city

The bigaycaya was displayed months before relationships, observed because of the nearest and dearest, friends and you can members of the city

Ancient Filipino Matrimony Society

Gladys Pinky D. Tolete composed: “In early moments, Tagalog brides and you may grooms originated an identical public category. Before relationship, the brand new bridegroom was obliged supply merchandise so you’re able to his future for the-laws this might be in your community referred to as bigaycaya. Just what constitutes the fresh new bigaycaya undergone dealings. In case your for the-guidelines asked for more that which was common, they may have been required to provide the married couples gifts such as for instance slaves, silver trinkets, otherwise an item of belongings. It is called the pasanor. In addition to the bigaycaya, this new groom plus paid the fresh new bride’s mommy when planning on taking proper care of their dear – this was the new pasuso. Yet not, Tagalog wedding events next just weren’t permanent. Should the fiance wish to remarry, she you will go back the brand new bigaycaya toward groom. The new husband, additionally, you will definitely forfeit brand new bigaycaya if he had been unhappy for the wedding, however if that they had children, brand new bigaycaya try died on the offspring. [Source: Gladys Pinky D. Tolete, kasal ^]

From the time of Urduja-a 15th century warrior little princess-it had been custoong early Filipinos to wed in their group. Maharlikas married women of the nobility; timaguas (freemen) hitched brand new daughters of the co-worker; and you will slaves partnered almost every other slaves. There have been no sanctions facing groups intermarrying; still, particularly circumstances was basically uncommon. When men intends to query a girl’s turn in ily push an effective spear on the stairways out of an effective girl’s domestic. It absolutely was an announcement theatrically clear you to definitely she in the future would be verbal to own. Once intent on marrying, the person will call to your town captain together with elders in order to mention his purpose and to name his intended. The main will then posting the his timaguas to help you negotiate the wedding. [Source: Alvina, C. & Sta. Maria, F. 1987. Essays towards Philippine People, kasal == ]

Once more, time for the full time out-of Urduja, next to the bigay-kaya, the man must make most other unique compensatory gift ideas. Such: a certain sum on girl’s mommy (having sleepless night inside the rearing their own child off birth), a separate contribution so you’re able to her father (which always required a good dowry comparable to just what he had provided to the newest girl’s mommy), and still an alternative to help you her moist-nurse (in order to have fed brand new bride to be given that a baby with whole milk out of her very own nipple.) To ideal it all, if their relatives couldn’t build the newest negotiated dowry, he’d to undergo a period of servitude (paninilbihan) regarding the girl’s house up to he previously attained sufficient for the marriage. It actually was often referred to as subok, an examination out-of his like and you can fortitude. ==

Rice and you will Philippine Wedding receptions

Gladys Pinky D. Tolete wrote: “Perhaps among the many points that differentiates Filipinos from other cultures is our very own enormous fascination with rice. No full meal try actually ever deemed complete without grain, and you can grain could have been related to the latest quick creation and creativity out-of pre-colonial organizations. The country’s landscape is actually dotted with greater flatlands from rice paddies. Grain also numbers plainly in our wedding means. Through the pre-colonial moments, handfuls top article of grain is replaced involving the Filipino pair so you’re able to solemnize its relationship. Social status is allowed to be measured because of the quantity of rice a household had held. [Source: Gladys Pinky D. Tolete kasal ^]

Right now, since the freshly-weds get out of the church following the service, they are welcomed by showers off grain grain using their well-wishers. This routine outlines back again to the middle Decades where the Christians implemented the brand new Jewish habit of throwing handfuls off wheat more than an effective newly-wed couples to ensure virility. Wheat is actually after replaced with grain as the latter was abundant and less expensive. ^

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